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      Cutting-edge Technology ●Independently Developed Space Laser Communication Terminal

      As the global competition for building the satellite internet becomes increasingly fiercer and the space laser communication technology progresses over the past decade, Intane Optics, as a key builder of satellite Internet, spares no effortto develop and demonstrate serialized space laser transmission terminals with deep involvementin the development of the far-reaching satellite Internet.

      Our Products

      Our product lineup covers optical systems, observatory, precision optical materials, elements and lenses, and opto-mechatronics instruments and related technical solutions.Thanks to its multidisciplinary design capabilities in optics, mechanics, electrics, thermotics, signal processing and simulation & analysis etc.,togetherwith advanced manufacturingtechnology, the Company boosts integrated competitive edges stretching from overall design of precision instruments,prototypingto batch production. Therefore,Intane is able toprovidecustomers with opto-mechatronics system solutions.

      Precision Optical Lens

      Lens Element

      Space Laser Communication


      As a hi-tech enterprise specializing in optical system engineering and related technical products, Intane owns a well-equipped technical team of R&D, design and manufacturing inspection.Our commitment in providing precision optical system solutions to national defenseresearch institutes has resulted in a variety of pioneering products such as serialized laser communication terminals, collimators, space cameras, various customized detection systems, and nanoscale advanced optical elements. Intane has become a leading privately-runmanufacturer oflarge-aperture high-precision advanced optics in China.

      R&D Strength
      Precision Manufacture
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